Customized refrigeration systems

Energy efficiency, capital investment, running costs, room size, noise protection, redundancy, local climate – every project has its own specific requirements when it comes to precise air conditioning. 


Our customers can choose between different configurations and so achieve an ideal balance between capital investment, running costs and energy efficiency. STULZ is the world's only manufacturer to offer such a huge spectrum of configuration options.

A system: Compressor cooling with compressor refrigeration system based on the direct evaporator principle (DX/direct expansion)

The refrigerant circuit of the air conditioning module consists of an evaporator, an expansion valve, a scroll compressor and an external air cooled condenser. Conveyed by a fan, the room air flows through the evaporator, where heat is extracted from it and transferred to the refrigerant. The air conditioning unit and external condenser are connected to one another by a closed refrigerant circuit.


AS System:

Like the A system, the AS system uses the direct evaporator principle. To make the system even more efficient, the AS system is equipped with an infinitely adjustable EC compressor.

G system: Simple heat dissipation via the water-glycol mixture

Like the A system. Difference: In the G system, the heat from the DX circuit is transferred to a water-glycol mixture by a plate-type condenser integrated in the air conditioning unit. The mixture circulates in a closed circuit, and emits the heat to the outside air via an external dry cooler.

GE system: Hybrid G system with Indirect Free Cooling

A hybrid cooling system, which combines a G system with Indirect Free Cooling. The GE system switches to energy saving mode as soon as the outside temperature permits. The outside air is then utilized for Indirect Free Cooling. GE systems form the basis of Indirect Dynamic Free Cooling.


GES system: Hybrid G system with Indirect Free Cooling and EC compressor

Like the GE system, the GES system functions on the principle of Indirect Free Cooling. And to make the system even more efficient, the GES system is exclusively available with an infinitely adjustable EC compressor.

ACW system: CW system with redundant A system (dual fluid)

Two independent cooling systems (CW and A) in one air conditioning module ensure maximum failure resistance. If the main, liquid-cooled system (CW) fails, the aircooled A system ensures that air conditioning continues without interruption.

GCW system: CW system with redundant G system (dual fluid)

Similar design to the ACW cooling system, but with a liquid-cooled G system working in combination with the CW system, instead of the A system.

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