Technical Data

Technical Data for the SplitAir

Total cooling capacity5.2 - 15.7
Airflow (m³/h)1,100 - 3,300
Sizes/output sizes2/6


Detailed Technical Data for the SplitAir

Cooling capacity1)KW5,26,78,411,513,615,78,113,0
Noise level (internal/external)2)dBA60/4862/4962/5062/5163/5363/5362/5063/53
Height/width/depth (indoor unit)3)mm350/850/1160350/850/1160350/850/1160410/1040/1370410/1040/1370410/1040/1370350/850/1160410/1040/1370
Height/width/depth (outdoor unit)mm695/1050/492695/1050/492695/1050/4921334/1050/4911334/1050/4911334/1050/491695/1050/4921334/1050/491
Weight (indoor unit)kg5354547576765476
Weight (outdoor unit)kg82879113814014691146
Supply voltage4)V/ph/Hz230V/3ph/60Hz + 48V DC


1) Operating conditions: Indoor temperature 30 °C, relative humidity 30 %, outside temperature 35 °C.
2) Measured at a distance of 2 m, free field conditions.
3) With free cooling module
4) Other voltages on request.
Technical data subject to change without notice.

*SIL80: With EC compressor


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