Service and Maintenance

We ensure the operation and integral service of our units and other systems

Even the best products need a service that satisfies the most demanding requirements – all over Spain 24/7, 365 days a year

From A to Z, From A to B, From 0:00 to 24:00

One central emergency number and automatic emergency call systems ensure speedy assistance in the event of problems. Our emergency callout technicians are available around the clock 365 days a year, and STULZ service engineers will be on site to deal with mission critical  failures and problems within four hours at the latest.  In addition, you can sign a contract for individual emergency response times, which are tailor-made for your company's particular requirements.

Service Network

We ensure the operation and integral service of our our equipment and other systems. In addition to providing various solutions for air-conditioning, STULZ has a service and maintenance network with exclusive attention throughout Spain.

  • Madrid 
  • Sevilla
  • Valencia
  • Barcelona
  • Burgos
  • Murcia
  • Canarias




Integrated building management

For 40 years, our customers have trust on the technical competence, extensive resources and rapid support of STULZ service. 

You can benefit from our quality of service: we ensure professional maintenance, profitable and trouble-free of your system and comprehensive management of your entire property from a single source

Qualified Technicians

STULZ has highly qualified tecnicians, with certification for fluorinated gases, RITE regulations and the safety regulations for refrigeration installations. Acoording to current national and international safety regulations. 

All technicians receive continuous internal or external technical training.

Mantenimientos y coberturas

Mantenimientos y coberturas

El programa de STULZ Service ofrece contratos adaptados a sus necesidades: reparación, verificación del sistema, mantenimiento, consultoría energética, facility management, servicio; usted determina como completar su paquete de servicio.

Tipos de mantenimiento: 

  • Normativo: ejecutar todas las operaciones de mantenimiento e inspección
  • Preventivo: intervención sistemática del equipo o sistemas aunque no hayan dado señales de error o fallo
  • Conductivo: control diario de las instalaciones
  • Predictivo:  análisis periódico y constante del estado de las instalaciones y equipos a mantener para predecir y evitar las posibles averías
  • Correctivo y servicio 24 horas: aquellas averías que se puedan producir



  • Directives

    Our service

    STULZ has highly qualified personnel, RITE accredited, up to date with the latest updates. updates. They comply with current national and national and international regulations and the RSIF.

    They plan and implement hygiene controls and inspections and inspections and inspections and carry out the resulting measures to ensure the safety and quality of the air in buildings. air quality in buildings.


  • Integrated building management

    Integrated building management

    STULZ is your competent partner for all sensitive sensitive areas of your technical infrastructure. Our technical management covers other areas, and together with on-site support ensures safe and reliable coordination around the clock.

    We coordinate all needs, partner companies, maintenance appointments and comprehensive the operational tasks are carried out by the technicians responsible.

    Maintenance with partner companies associated with:

      • Sistemas de videovigilancia
      • Sistemas de control de acceso
      • Sistemas de extracción de humo
      • Sistemas de alarma contra incendios.



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